Why my child should have a Micro Cruiser

So you want your child to be energetic and enjoy outdoor activities safely – how can you encourage them to have fun this way? Well, for kids aged 6–12 years, the Micro Cruiser scooter is a great place to start! Here are just a few of the reasons why.

It’s easy to use. Your child will gain balance and coordination, and improve them rapidly!
It’s durable. A Micro Cruiser is built to last, and it can handle anything it takes to help your child learn safely. Strong and robust, it works well in a range of terrains, from park sidewalks to off-road adventures.
It’s compact and comfortable. The Micro Cruiser is easy to move, so your child can learn to scoot anywhere, anytime. And if two wheels aren’t your child’s speed, they can start on three!
It’s stylish and fun. This scooter comes in several attractive colors and finishes. Learning never looked so good. . .
It’s a good starting place for other vehicles. The Micro Cruiser is designed so that your child will have fun scooting, but can also to move toward riding bicycles. The scooter’s two large wheels and bicycle-style handlebar increase young riders’ ease and confidence.
It’s a good investment for parents too! Besides all the health and activity benefits for the kids, the Micro Cruiser also comes with a 2-year local warranty – meaning that parents can purchase with peace of mind knowing that replacements and repairs are covered.