Why buy a Micro scooter?

“Nothing Beats The Original”

Is imitation really the greatest form of flattery?  Well, when it comes to safety, durability and longevity, we don’t believe anyone likes to be short-changed with a cheap imitation product. With no warranty, no local presence, no replacement parts and no custom-trained service teams, it’s worth considering the true price you might pay for look-alike products.

If you’re thinking of buying or upgrading your scooter this holiday season, do remember that not all scooters you’ll see online, in bike shops or toy stores are created equal! We invite you to take two minutes to watch this short video from the team, which explains the quality story better than our words! We’re also sharing our expert tips below on how to avoid avoiding the imitations.

Brand Assurance

Micro scooters are the market leader in recreational mobility products. Swiss-designed and precision engineered with the highest quality components, that are unquestionably built to last.  Every product comes with a two-year warranty, with a fully trained in-house technical team available should you have any service difficulties with your scooter.

Quality Materials 

Micro scooters are fitted with flexible fibreglass reinforced non-slip footplates to absorb shock caused by any bumps in the pavement which is really important for little feet and ankles, and also limits any further damage to the rest of the scooter.

Wheel Quality

Micro Scooters only use non-marking PU wheels, which grip the road smoothly and retain their shape over time. What’s more, within the wheels we only use bearings, which are less likely to rattle and ensure a much quieter ride.

Handle Grip Quality

The handlebar design is durable, non-toxic, and shock absorbable (especially important if the model is knocked over or dropped, thus limiting the damage caused to other parts of the scooter.)

Brake Assurance

Our brakes are stand-alone but integrated into the deck by a hardwearing metal plate to give greater longevity and increased traction. This also allows riders to easily replace brakes, thus adding to the longevity of the scooter.

Frame Construction and Design

The frame on a Mini or Maxi Micro scooter is made from thermo-tested aluminium, which means they are lightweight, robust, heat, cold and rust resistant. The stem of the scooter can be removed, and the Micro Deluxe handlebars are height adjustable.

Unique Serial Number

When buying a Micro scooter, you’ll find a unique serial number located at the top of the folding block located at the base of the steering column (beside the Swiss Design logo) stamped into the metal.  All Micro scooters feature this, as well as an aluminium medallion with the “Micro” logo on the front of the steering column. The presence of these features signifies that the scooter is a genuine product. 

Swiss Logo

Micro scooters feature a sticker with a Swiss logo on the stem, while copycat scooters imitate these stickers by using a different symbols or letters.

Product Servicing & Replacement Parts

Few, if any other scooter manufacturers provide a two-year warranty, local servicing by trained Micro scooter technicians and a complete range of replacement parts, all available here at our warehouse in Jurong. This demonstrates Micro’s commitment to ensuring your scooter will last for years, and also the emphasis on quality, customer care and after service which others simply cannot match.