Why a Scooter is the Perfect Gift for Mothers

Jenny, mother, age 30, received a Micro Flex scooter for her birthday and it has changed her lifestyle.

“One of the first things I noticed right away was how my scooter helped me be efficient,” Jenny says. “When I used it, I could complete errands faster, giving me more time to finish other tasks. Even better, I found that I looked modern and stylish doing it!”

“My scooter is an amazingly, convenient way to travel too. I don’t need to wait for the bus or MRT, and I don’t have to deal with the crowds during busy times of day.”

“Also, I quickly found that scooting was a great way to de-stress. A quick ride a few days a week soon helped me get fitter and feel more energetic; even better, my kids loved it as well, and I began bonding more with them too! This activity could wait until the weekends, or even during the week. It was so flexible!”

“Looking back, I now think that my scooter is one of my favourite birthday gifts.”