What is Gwen’s Secret to keeping her 2018 New Year’s resolutions?

Gwen, a young mother of five, made some good New Year’s resolutions for 2018: she planned to spend more time with her young daughter, live healthier, and cut some unneeded costs. Even more admirably, Gwen has succeeded in keeping these resolutions! It’s July, the halfway point, and she’s still going strong.

What’s Gwen’s secret, when so many people begin to struggle within the first few weeks?

It’s thanks to her new scooter, Gwen reports! Her Micro has helped her meet all three of her resolutions.

Scooting to school and exploring on the weekend gives her more quality time with her daughter, as well as a new way to meet neighbors and friends at the park. Scooting with her daughter also helps both Gwen and Susie stay healthier, as a low-impact form of exercise that lets them enjoy the fresh air while burning up to 300 calories per hour – more than either cycling (270 cals) or walking (149 cals)! And finally, Gwen has been able to save the costs and time of taking the public transport for short errands and her old annual gym membership.

Why not see how a Micro can help you reignite your own New Year’s resolutions?