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Swiss innovation conquers Singapore

Micro classic 2-wheeled scooters and curvy 3-wheeled kickboards for adults offer the highest safety and quality standards available in the market today.

Both convenient and fun, it’s the perfect choice for an active lifestyle and is sure to become an indispensable companion for those who value the journey as much as the destination.

What began as the quest for the perfect ‘micro-distance’ solution has evolved into an unparalleled collection of premium streetscape cruisers for a smooth, quiet ride with incomparable asphalt surfing agility. Space permitting, scooting is 3 times faster than walking (and infinitely more exciting!)

So what’s your Micro Is it your Sunday morning coffee run, your jaunt down East Coast Park, your urban, eco-friendly commute to work along the park connectors, taking the kids to school, family outings around Sentosa or are you just looking for an excuse to get around outside with the wind in your hair?