Scooters are great for working adults

Scooters have many benefits for busy adults, too. Below you’ll find some reasons to consider bringing your scooter to work – or just to life”, says Mary, 28, busy Marketing Executive- rides a Micro White.

Mary gives three reasons why scooting fits into her busy day so well

“Scooting is quick – I can cover the same distance walking to my nearest MRT station either in 20 minutes on foot or in 6 minutes on my scooter! Those 14 extra minutes can make all the difference at work. It means that I get more done rather than wasting time commuting”.

“Scooting is so healthy – Scooting is a low-intensity workout that I can complete in short bursts. It works like a cross-trainer or as a form of exercise to burn calories. Best of all, there’s no need for a lot of costly equipment, or even to travel to the gym! How great is that!”

“Scooting is eco-friendly – I’m actually trying to reducing my carbon footprint and I know in my small way by scooting to work it helps the environment. Its clean, fun and doesn’t produce harmful emissions.