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  • The Maxi Micro scooter is the natural follow-on to the Mini Micro.  It is designed for children from the age of  5 to 12 years  and combines all the motor skills benefits of the Mini Micro whilst incorporating the needs of the older child, with a weight loading of up to 50kg. With a cool, sporty design it has proved an instant hit and won a place at Singapore’s Red Dot Museum.

    With this set there is a choice of either a joystick or t-bar handle making this a scooter with lots of options. The base is interchangeable with either. The Maxi Micro scooter weighs 2.5 kg making it portable and light-weight for an older child. This scooter is too heavy and too speedy however, for a preschool child. To ensure safety and to enhance the benefits that Micro scooters offer, please choose scooter from the correct age group for your child.


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