Safety is For Everyone

Micro is committed to every user’s safety, so each scooter we sell is designed, built, and tested to meet the highest safety standards. However, there are also additional tips that you can follow to maximize your safety and enjoyment while scooting.

Check that the steering tube is locked in before using your scooter, and that all bolts are tight. This will give you a smoother ride with less bumping.
Wear a helmet! Safety gear isn’t just for kids – your head is just as important as theirs.
When riding in the evening or at night, make sure you wear reflective gear and place a light on your scooter so other pedestrians and vehicles can see you.
Be mindful of the terrain you’re scooting on! Micro scooters are designed for use on pavements, roads, and well-kept paths, so cracked, sandy, or wet surfaces aren’t going to work well.
Avoid making modifications to your scooter – our Swiss design and manufacturing are covered by warranty, so let an expert make any repairs or changes you need.
Your next scootering experience will be much improved by following these five simple tips and is great for scooting as a family!