Safety guide to ensure safe and happy scooting for your child

Scooting is such a fun and healthy activity for children, but it’s always good to ensure that your child is using their scooters as safely as possible! With the Swiss design and engineering, Micro scooters are the safest on the market, but there are still important steps you can take with your child. Here is a guide to ensure you have safe and happy scooting.

* Scooter safety – Check that steering tubes are locked in place before use.
* Supervision – Children under the age of 8 should be accompanied by an adult while scooting.
* Safety Gear – Make sure that your child wears a helmet and shoes with rubber soles. High-visibility vests are also good for evening scooting, and elbow/knee guards are good for harder roads or newbie riders!
* Rough Terrains – Steer riders away from uneven road surfaces and stay away from roads with heavy motor vehicle traffic.
* Road sense – Make sure that children stop and look both ways before crossing roads.