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mini micro spares

mini micro spare parts

We know your child’s mini micro scooters are often well used.  We also know there are occasions when your scooter may need a helping hand to keep it in perfect scooting condition.

As the official Micro Scooters distributor in Singapore we want to make sure that you get excellent value for money from your scooter which is why we stock all replacement parts for each and every micro scooter we sell.

If you know which part of your scooter is worn or broken then by using the diagram of a mini micro scooter to choose from the parts we stock below. If the item is not listed please email us. it is very possible we have the item in stock and can get your scooter back to its best again.

If you are unsure and want some advice, please call our customer service team on +65 6521 7018

We also have instructional videos to teach you how to repair your mini micro scooter.

We also have a dedicated micro repair engineer who can do the repairs if you don’t have the time yourself.