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Mini Micro – Candy Blue with blue rucksack


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The Mini Micro Candy blue comes with a free Micro blue mini rucksack!  This cute bag is ideal for putting snacks, hankies and little toys in to keep them safe on your scooter outings. The rucksack comes with a special attachment to clip onto your Micro scooter. The Candy blue Mini Micro has a shiny blue metallic t bar that looks special and dreamy.



The award-winning Mini Micro scooter has taken the world by storm. Seeking the advice of medical experts, the Micro team came up with a design that guarantees safety while helping the child’s development skills. It’s unique “lean-and-steer” mechanism is an ideal way for a child to learn how to balance.

With two front Micro wheels the scooter resist the tendency to tip over when going around corners . Other safety features include a protective anti-slip deck.

Both lightweight yet extremely robust, the Mini Micro scooter is the perfect first mobility. It is suitable from ages 2 – 5 years.

We stock all spare parts for the mini micro and have instructional videos on how to maintain your scooter

The Mini Micro Scooter comes in loads of brilliant colours that are constantly being updated. The full range of Mini Micro colours can be found here.

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2-5 years

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Fun and mobility

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