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maxi 4 in 1 accessory set purple (handlebar & rucksack only)

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Turns your Maxi into an instant Luggage on the Go!

The Maxi Micro 4in1 Rucksack accessory. Click your Rucksack on to your scooter and scoot away! Or change it into a luggage trolley! Great for school trips and travel.
Set Comes with TBar and Rucksack for conversion of your Maxi Micro scooter Converts your Maxi Scooter into a 4 WAY USE:1) Scooter with Rucksack attached (front or back) 2) luggage trolley 3) separate scooter 4) separate rucksack

Have you got a maxi Micro and would love to covert into a maxi 4 in 1? We have got the perfect solution. You can buy the special Micro handlebar and Micro rucksack that converts your maxi base into a maxi 4 in 1. Using your original maxi base you put this special handlebar into your base and it turns your maxi into a whole new mobile piece of luggage. Firstly you can use your maxi Micro as a normal scooter, secondly you can put the rucksack on the front of this special handlebar so you can ride your rucksack.  Thirdly by using the handle bar with the rucksack only it turns into a trolly. After dismounting the base you can keep it inside the rucksack. This allows freedom to wheel around at airports or at school. Finally when not in use, the base and handle bar can be stowed away into your rucksack for travel.  With these added attachments you can now turn your maxi into a maxi 4 in 1. Please note the maxi base is not included in this package.

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