Preschool years and child development – How Mini Micro Scooter helps!

The preschool years are a critical time for childhood development, which centers on play and activity. children ages 1–5 learn, discover, and grow by interacting with their environment. Playing and being active certainly brings it advantages. The Mini Micro scooter was engineered with health and developmental benefits in mind. The Swiss inventor, Wim Oubuter consulted top medics when designing this clever innovation.

It is because of the importance of play and activities at this learning stage in life, a Mini Micro scooter can be more than just fun and games! With its lightweight, stable 3-wheel design, the Mini Micro can be used indoors when raining or outdoors when sunny, and is a great alternative to strollers or car seats for short trips. You will notice the improvement to your child’s health and confidence as they develop balance, master motor skills, and enjoy a new, age-appropriate independence! Outings will suddenly turn into a breeze.