Local schools are preparing for their long holiday coming up

It’s just two weeks until the end of the academic year, when children will have time off from school to take a break from studying. However, some parents worry that holiday time is increasingly absorbed by online activity, as their kids focus on computer games or electronic devices.

While these things are enjoyable in moderation, they can also lead to some serious problems. Parents might want to take note of how viral addiction is now a recognised issue. The World Health Organization (WHO) for example, have recently added,’gaming disorder” in their list of International Classification Diseases. Without suggesting that all online gaming leads to some sort of psychiatric diagnosis it is worth a thought on how children spent their time in the school holidays before online activity was available and are we the parents to blame somehow for making devices available at home to our children?

This could be a reason to step up outdoor activities ether through having fun or by stealth. We say stealth with a smile as if you use scooting for travel purposes you are getting the healthy lifestyle benefits whilst enjoying free travel at the same time. Scooting is an enjoyable way for kids to relax, have fun, and step away from schoolwork without getting so caught up in their holiday classes or sitting in front of a screen.
Children remain healthy, active, and social through scooting and they can visit with friends, bond with family, and explore the many paths of Singapore. Owning a scooter can be the first steps to independence. A scoot to the MRT or the bus stop can make a trip suddenly doable. Scooting is a great way to enjoy others’ company and do fun things together while also getting some exercise and enjoying the fresh air! Locations such as the outdoor space in Marina Bay Sands Singapore are perfect for holiday scooting – children can travel the open areas at their own pace and the entire family can grab an ice cream together afterwards.