How I got fit with my scooter

Wouldn’t we all love to be fit and healthy? Of course we would! But it’s so easy to make resolutions and then drop them – life and work and school keep us busy, after all. If only there was a quick and easy way to exercise whenever we had the time. . .

Anna, 32 a young mother and graphic designer in an advertising agency, found that convenient new exercise format with her new Micro Flex scooter!

“The first thing I found is that my scooter gave me a more active commute to work. I could also explore or get lunch during my break, and just by doing this I started burning 150 calories for my 30 combined minutes per day scootering. So I was already feeling great!”

“Then I discovered that my new scooter was also compact enough that I could use it anywhere, whenever I had time – no need to load it up or take it anywhere special! So I started spending more time with my family in the evening and on weekends, just enjoying the fresh air.”

“A scooter is a great way for those of us with limited time to start getting fit.”