Getting Ready for the Day

Sally, a 39-year-old mother, says that scooting to school with her son is a great way for both of them to start the day.

“He gets to work off some of his extra energy before sitting down to learn new things, and I get to clear my head before starting the day’s activities,” Sally reports. “But this way we also get to spend more time together, and there’s nothing more valuable than that!”

Scooting to school, Sally says, also makes the trip to easier. “I don’t have to worry about traffic, and we can enjoy the trip, making it a learning experience by talking about what we see as we scoot.”

Sally recommends this method to any parent looking for a new way to start the school day. “I’ll definitely continue doing this for as long as I can – what better way to get him to school than something fast, fun, and active?”