Doodles and Oodles in our February shipment

It’s the middle of the week and I have my coffee here to aide me through a long morning ahead. I am looking at our delivery order from Micro and I can’t help but feel excited. There are over 20 new products on this new 40ft shipment that will soon be docking in amongst the oodles of containers at the Singapore port. Every container tells a story and in my time here in Singapore it reminds me  of  a ‘container sale’  that I went to. At these container sales shoppers can buy uncollected containers contents should you wish to. It is at moments like this, you realise that we we all have a certain symmetry to our lives. I mean, who doesn’t have a kettle, toaster and a foldable step of ladders?

Well our Micro container tells another story, this time full of new lines, new ideas , new models, new colours. The Micro HQ in Switzerland have been busy and they deserve to be commended  for their 2018 product listings.  Hats off to the graphic designers on the accessory range as this has been spiced up well before the Spices Girls  have made known their forthcoming reunion. The Doodle Spot is my favourite but also equally pleased to see the Daisy patten come on board. Rocket, Owl and Glitter Pink have made it also. Besides exciting new designs there are new colours to add to the popular pantone of the Mini and Maxi Micro deluxe range. Rubin Red and Ice Blue join the colour charts and the Mini Kick Three now is available with a parent handle giving that extra security for parents with little ones.  For those who like a little light in their life we also have some Maxi Micro Deluxe scooters with LED wheels…

The big guest on board is the new Micro Cruiser – making its debut for the first time in SE Asia and it launches across the world. It has been on show at various key Toy Fairs, Hong Kong, Nuremberg and soon New York so it has received  plenty of attention already. The Cruiser  doesn’t disappointed with large wheels and a chopper style handle bar. It is aimed at the 8-12 year old bunch amongst us who would like two fast wheels and an edgy design. There is no doubt that this will make a top choice.

We have just heard that the ETA will be the 13 February  in time for popular calendar events such as Valentines Day or Chinese New Year. We are looking forwards to unloading some love and good fortune for the year ahead.