Choosing the Right Scooter for a Younger Child

When scooting, safety is just as important as fun! Micro is committed to your child’s safety – we design, build, and test every scooter to meet high standards, and we offer a wide range of safety gear from helmets and knee pads to bells. However, it is also important that your child’s first scooter is designed with their learning experiences in mind.

Here are some tips on choosing the right scooter for a child 3 years or younger:

Start out with a three-wheel scooter with two wheels on the front! Those two front wheels will create some much-needed stability while your child gets used to scooting for the first time.
Choose a scooter with a foot brake in the rear, so your child learns to control speed safely.
Look for a scooter that reflects your child’s current height and weight – no more than 2kg for a child 3 years or younger! Older children will be able to control heavier scooters once they have more weight and experience.
Use rubber grips on caps and always check for square ends on scooter deck – doing this will keep the scooter from wearing any sharp points as your child rides on pavement.

Keeping these four simple things in mind will ensure that young children are soon enjoying their first scooters safely!