Safety is For Everyone

Micro is committed to every user’s safety, so each scooter we sell is designed, built, and tested to meet the highest safety standards. However, there are also additional tips that you can follow to maximize your safety and enjoyment while scooting.

Dinosaurs themed accessories

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? But we’ll bet you’ve never seen dinosaurs quite like these! Our new ScooterSaurus gear features the terrific Triceratops, the stunning Stegosaurus, the tough T-Rex, and many more enjoying their own scooters. Fun patterns, captions, and character expressions complete the picture, making these the coolest dinosaurs your kids can find outside a […]

Floral Themed Accessories

It’s summertime, and the living’s easy. . . Even our new Micro gear is blooming in response to the sunny days and enjoyable temperatures, as seen with the gardens of whimsical flowers decorating our Floral set. Show your summer side with a floral rainbow that will continue to blossom even when the season ends!