Expatpreneur Awards 2018

Fun fact: The co-founders and directors of White & Black Trading weren’t friends before going into business in 2007. However, their partnership seemed destined – given that Justinna and Emma’s husbands, Ed and Charlie, had worked together in London; their families relocated to SG in the same year;

How I got fit with my scooter

Wouldn’t we all love to be fit and healthy? Of course we would! But it’s so easy to make resolutions and then drop them – life and work and school keep us busy, after all. If only there was a quick and easy way to exercise whenever we had the time. . .

Why a Scooter is the Perfect Gift for Mothers

Jenny, mother, age 30, received a Micro Flex scooter for her birthday and it has changed her lifestyle. “One of the first things I noticed right away was how my scooter helped me be efficient,” Jenny says. “When I used it, I could complete errands faster, giving me more time to finish other tasks.